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    • *equal contribution

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  • Bailey S, Zhang X, Desai K, Aid M, Corradin O, Cowper Sal lari R, Akhtar-Zaidi B, Scacheri PC, Haibe-Kains B, and Lupien M. ZNF143 provides sequence specificity to secure chromatin interactions at gene promoters. Nature Communications (2015).

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    • *equal contribution

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  • Akhtar-Zaidi B, Cowper-Sal-lari R, Corradin O, Saiakhova A, Bartels CF, Balasubramanian D, Myeroff L, Lutterbaugh J, Jarrar A, Kalady MF, Willis J, Moore JH, Tesar PJ, Laframboise T, Markowitz S, Lupien M, Scacheri PC. Epigenomic enhancer profiling defines a signature of colon cancer. Science 336, 736-9 (2012).

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